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ICC-ES is a nonprofit, limited liability company that does technical evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials. The evaluation process culminates with the issuance of technical reports that, because they directly address the issue of code compliance, are extremely useful to both regulatory agencies and building-product manufacturers. Agencies use evaluation reports to help determine code compliance and enforce building regulations; manufacturers use reports as evidence that their products (and this is especially important if the products are new and innovative) meet code requirements and warrant regulatory approval. ICC-ES evaluation reports are public documents, available free of charge on the worldwide Web, not only to building regulators and manufacturers, but also to contractors, specifiers, architects, engineers, and anyone else with an interest in the building industry. All of these people look to ICC-ES evaluation reports for evidence that products and systems are code-compliant.

ICC-ES also has growing programs for evaluation of plumbing, mechanical, and fuel gas products, and of “green” building products.



代理商使用评估报告来帮助确定代码合规性并执行建筑法规;制造商使用报告作为其产品的证据(如果产品是新的和创新的,这一点尤其重要)符合代码要求并需要获得监管部门的批准。 ICC-ES评估报告是公开文件,可在全球网站上免费获取,不仅适用于建筑监管机构和制造商,还适用于承包商,规范制定者,建筑师,工程师以及对建筑行业感兴趣的任何其他人。所有这些人都在寻求ICC-ES评估报告,以获取产品和系统符合代码的证据。



What’s in an ICC-ES Evaluation Report

Evaluation reports from ICC Evaluation Service® are the most preferred resource used by code officials to verify that new and innovative building products comply with code requirements. The evaluation reports provide information about what code requirements or acceptance criteria were used to evaluate the product, how the product should be installed to meet the requirements, how to identify the product, and much more. ES Reports are divided into eleven major areas.

1.    CSI Division Number—ICC-ES Evaluation Reports, and the building products represented in them, are organized according to the Construction Specifications Institute’s (CSI) Masterformat system.

2.    Report Holder—The name and address of the company or organization that has applied for the Evaluation Report.

3.    Evaluation Subject—The specific product(s) covered by the report.

4.    Evaluation Scope—The code(s) that were used to evaluate the product.

5.    Properties Evaluated—A brief description of the properties the product was evaluated against such as fire resistance and wind resistance. This section also shows if the product can be used for structural purposes.

6.    Uses—Identifies the scope of the Evaluation Report and relates the product evaluated to code provisions.

7.    Description—Provides a general description of the product and its features, such as length, thickness, etc.

8.    Installation—Identifies general and often specific requirements to help the inspector ensure the product is installed properly according to the code requirements or acceptance criteria.

9.    Conditions of Use—Statement that the product, as described in the Evaluation Report, complies with or is a suitable alternative to the requirements of the applicable code and a list of conditions under which the report is issued.

10.  Evidence Submitted—Data (i.e. test reports, calculations, installation instructions) that was used in evaluating the product.

11.  Identification—Information that can be used to identify the product, including the manufacturer’s name, product code, Evaluation Report number, etc.


ICC评估服务®的评估报告是代码官员用来验证新的和创新的建筑产品是否符合代码要求的最优选资源。评估报告提供有关使用哪些代码要求或验收标准来评估产品,如何安装产品以满足要求,如何识别产品等信息。 ES报告分为十一个主要领域。

1. CSI部门编号-ICC-ES评估报告及其中所代表的建筑产品是根据建筑规范研究所(CSIMasterformat系统组织的。

2.报告持有人 - 申请评估报告的公司或组织的名称和地址。

3.评估主题 - 报告涵盖的特定产品。

4.评估范围 - 用于评估产品的代码。

5.评估的性能 - 产品评估性能的简要描述,如耐火性和抗风性。本节还说明了该产品是否可用于结构目的。

6.用途 - 确定评估报告的范围,并将评估的产品与代码规定联系起来。

7.描述 - 提供产品及其特征的一般描述,例如长度,厚度等。

8.安装 - 确定一般和特定的要求,以帮助检查员确保根据代码要求或验收标准正确安装产品。

9.使用条件 - 声明产品,如评估报告中所述,符合或适合替代适用规范的要求和发布报告的条件清单。

10.提交的证据 - 用于评估产品的数据(即测试报告,计算,安装说明)。

11.标识 - 可用于识别产品的信息,包括制造商的名称,产品代码,评估报告编号等。

 What ICC-ES Can Do for You

·         If you are a building regulator, ICC-ES can tell you about products, systems, materials and methods that are code-compliant.

·         If you are a manufacturer, a report from ICC-ES will make it easier to market your building-related product, because you have solid evidence that your product meets code requirements. The report on your product is available for reference by thousands of building departments, as well as other construction-industry professionals, free of charge, through the worldwide Web. For a tiny unit cost, you reach huge numbers of regulators and end users.

·         If you are a specifier, designer, architect or contractor, and you want evidence for the local building official that you are using code-complying materials—look for an ICC-ES report!

·         If you are a member of the general public, you, too, benefit from the work of ICC-ES—because ICC-ES actively promotes public safety in the built environment. Additionally, you can use evaluation reports to help in selection of building products for your own home or other property.




•如果您是指定人员,设计师,建筑师或承包商,并且您希望获得当地建筑官员的证据,那么您正在使用符合代码的材料 - 寻找ICC-ES报告!

•如果您是公众成员,您也可以从ICC-ES的工作中受益 - 因为ICC-ES积极促进建筑环境中的公共安全。此外,您可以使用评估报告来帮助您选择适合您家或其他财产的建筑产品。

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